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About The Show
Alphas is an action-packed thriller from writers Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-Men: The Last Stand) and Michael Karnow. In the series, five ordinary people are brought together to form one extraordinary team of Alphas -- people with the unique power to stretch the capabilities of the human mind giving them superhuman physical and mental abilities.

Operating within the Defense Criminal Investigation Service of the U.S. Department of Defense and led by preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn), an expert in Alpha phenomena, the team investigates cases that point to others with Alpha abilities. As they work against the clock to solve this new brand of crime, they must prevent their own personality differences and disparate backgrounds from interfering with their ultimate mission to catch the enemy.

Community Rules
1. The community is public to members and non-members. There is content exclusive to members only.
2. Keep posts on topic. You may discuss the actors respectfully in this community.
3. All posts must have a subject line and tags.
4. All download posts must be locked (music, videos, etc). Do not share download links outside the community.
5. Icon posts are allowed. Your post must contain at least 6 icons from the show.
6. Do not fake cut to your LJ or another website. Paste the info here with a source link.
7. Pictures bigger than 600 go under a cut.
8. Spoilers go under a cut.
9. Do not bash fellow members.
10. Post fanfiction only related to the characters of Alphas. Crossovers are allowed, use appropriate tags. No fiction about the actors (RPF) is allowed here. Please tag your post with a pairing tag (if applicable). All fanfiction rated NC-17 must be locked and under a cut. Use the following header for your stories:

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